Committee Chairs

Owl Meet You for Lunch

The Owl Meet You for Lunch Committee coordinates a casual breakfast or lunch gathering monthly for members at local Houston restaurants.

Social Media

The Social Media Committee creates and coordinates the alumnae association's social media presence.

Anna Bockin Edwards

Video Content

Kennedy Packwood Price

Mothers' Club

The Mothers' Club Liaison interfaces with the Chi Omega Mothers' Club to support and engage their members.

Database &
Website Management

The Database and Website Management Chair updates and maintains the database and generates membership reports.

Moms & Tots

Kennedy Packwood Price

Psi Zeta Liaison

The Psi Zeta Liaison updates the members of the alumnae association regarding the activities and needs of the Psi Zeta Chapter at the University of Houston

Night Owls

The Night Owls Committee coordinates evening social events for all alumnae.


The Programs-Social Committee coordinates meetings, programs, social events and Eleusinia for the alumnae association.

Katie Bednarski Walmsley &
Brooke Bradley Frank

Chi-O Cares

The "Chi-O Cares" Committee coordinates notes of congratulations or condolences to members as the occasion demands.

Joni Hruska Fichter

The Center for Pursuit Liaison

The Center for Pursuit Liaison coordinates volunteer opportunities for alumnae members, and their families, to serve for the benefit of The Center for Pursuit.

Ann Ainsworth Hawkins


The Scholarship Committee coordinates the selection of the college scholarship recipients, awards and announcements.

Vita Montalbano Dougherty &
Lisa Curry

Woman of the Year & Nominations

The Past President(s) select and oversee the members of the Executve Board Nominating Committee, and the nomination and selection process for the Woman of the Year.

Angela Wheat Cheves &
Sandy Carlton

Philanthropy Liaison

The Philanthropy Liaison coordinates volunteer opportunities for alumnae members, and their families, to volunteer together in the Houston community.

Karen Edmonds & Susan Litts